Make Fitness Fun

Make Fitness Fun
fun with fitness


Shedding those excess pounds, toning your muscles, reducing stress and boosting your good spirits: these are just some of the benefits of regular, long-term training.

But do they provide enough motivation for making physical exercise a healthful habit, part and parcel of our life?

Often, these benefits only provide short-lived motivation. To ingrain any given activity in our daily routine, two of the key elements are enjoyment and the pleasure experienced while performing that activity.

Here are a few tips for finding and maintaining a wellness-attuned lifestyle over time.

Enjoy. Training is not just another chore, it should be fun! When choosing an activity, pick something that truly excites you rather than the one you think will be “good for you”.

Change your training routine often: your body will respond better and your workouts will never be repetitive or dull.

Once you have tried all variants and the fun is wearing off, don’t force yourself to continue with the same activity: it’s time to move on to another exercise program that offers fresh stimulus.

Work out to reach the goal you’ve fixed for yourself: rather than thinking about how many pounds you want to lose, think of how much further you’ll be able to run than last time, and how good running will make you feel.
Push back your limits

Set small objectives for yourself, note down your progress after each workout, and achieve your goal. Then choose a new goal and work towards it, going beyond that one too.

Share your goals and progress with others: their participation will give you additional motivation to stay on track, and what’s more, it’s a good way of finding people who share your passion.

To achieve great results, follow your passions.


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