COVID-19 Update


Members, in line with the recent Government announcement we will be reopened the club on June 08th 2021.

All memberships were frozen from when we closed on December 31st and the time will be added to your renewal date.

Our opening hours will be Monday to Friday 6.45am to 9pm and weekends/bank holidays from 9am to 7pm.

Our jacuzzi and sauna is also now open. There is a maximum of 6 users allowed in the jacuzzi at one time and a maximum of 3 users in the sauna at one time. Our sauna will be cleaned regularly at the beginning and end of each day and at regular intervals in-between.

Thank you to each and every member for helping us through this tough time, your patience and co-operation is so much appreciated.
We can’t wait to welcome everyone back!
From all the team here at The Ardilaun.

Members – Book Your Time
Dear Members,
Things will be a little different when you return, we have introduced a booking system for using the club. This is in accordance with HSE guidelines for ensuring your safety, limiting the spread of the virus in our community and documenting contact tracing information should it be needed.  Please be patient with our team over the next few weeks as we are working hard to guarantee the same level of service that you have come to expect from The Ardilaun Leisure Club, while also being in compliance with government requirements.

Please read the below carefully. We need to ensure we operate strictly in adherence to public health guidance and will implement that guidance with your co-operation.

1. What is the booking system?
First, you will need to decide if you would like to use the gym or the pool.
All timeslots include entering, swimming/gym session and exiting. We strongly urge, that where possible you come dressed for the planned activity and shower at home. We also ask that out of courtesy for other members, you use the pool and gym on separate occasions rather than double booking.
It is now also MANDATORY that you scan your key card at our reception desk every time you enter the facility.

2. How do I book a timeslot?
ALL members with an active membership will need to set up on our booking system, an email is required for the initial set up, we will send you an invite by email this evening (it will be from Legit Fit) you click on the link, create your own password straight away (please include an uppercase and a number) and you will then be able to book your timeslot. Once you are set up time slots can be booked through the booking system by clicking on timetable, you can also book by phone tomorrow on 091514700. If you need assistance setting up your account, please contact Barbara at or any member of the team, they will be delighted to help! We’ve added some demos for you to look at which will hopefully help.
(There’s also a message option on the left under timetable where you can message us with any queries or changes that you want made 😊)

3. How far in advance can I book a timeslot?
You can book a timeslot up to 1 week in advance. As spaces are limited and we all need to work together to accommodate all members of the club, we have set a limit on 3 once-a-day visits to the gym or pool per week. We expect in the next few weeks the number of visits to be increased as the government loosens restrictions on how many people we are allowed to have at one time in the facility.

4. How do I cancel or re-schedule?
In the effort of being considerate to other members, we ask that if you cannot make a scheduled session that you cancel it as soon as possible to make the space available for someone else looking to book a session. To cancel or re-schedule simply login to your account and make the changes you would like or you can call us and cancel by phone.

5. Can I book in my children through the booking system?
Our booking system works on individual bookings, once you are set up on the booking system, you have the option to send us a message, it can be located under the timetable tab on the left 😊. Firstly, make your pool booking and then send us a message with how many children, this will hopefully only be needed for the initial few visits until we get used to the system or call us on 514700 to speak to a member of staff, it’s always good to give us a heads up for big bookings.

6. Can I bring guests or use my guest passes?
We are trying to be as fair as possible to all of our members needs and as such, we are not currently accepting guest passes or additional guests until the current government restrictions loosen and we are able to accommodate more visitors at one time in the facility.

7. I have previously purchased a 5 visit pass, 10 visit pass or corporate passes can I use these?
For the first few weeks you will not have access to our booking system, therefore access to the club will be for members and residents only. All of these passes will be accepted up until May 2021 so please ignore the expiry dates.8. Have your opening hours changed?
There has been changes made to our regular opening hours, our booking system will work on a week to week basis and we are hoping to extend our hours to the regular hours in the coming weeks.
For now our adult opening hours will be Monday to Friday from 6.45am to 8pm, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10am to 7pm.
Our children’s hours will be Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 7pm and weekends from 9am to 7pm.
We expect that as the government guidelines change in response to the pandemic situation, our policies and procedures will change too. We promise to keep our members informed and to do our best!
PLEASE don’t stress if you cannot use the system, just pop into us or call, we will try and make it as easy as possible for you.
We are really looking forward to having you all back and we want to thank everyone in the meantime for being so patient and sticking with us through all this!
See you soon, Declan, Barbara and ALL the leisure crew! #ardilaunfitness

UPDATE JUNE 29th 2020: We are looking forward to welcoming all our members and guests back to the leisure club! We are excited to announce we will be re-opening our doors on July 20th 2020.
We’re currently working behind the scenes to ensure that we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure the safe return of all our members, guests and staff ensuring the club meets the highest cleaning and disinfection standards so you will have the upmost confidence in your comfort and safety.
Following our government’s advice and HSE guidelines; we will be introducing a new booking system which will allow for appropriate social distancing in the facilities and time for deep cleaning. There will be allocated time slots for the pool, the gym and for fitness classes. More information will be posted on how you can book your time slot once we have our system in place.

Our Response to COVID-19
Our response to COVID-19 is constantly changing to adapt to updates in restrictions and industry best practice. As further details of the next phase are released, we will update our response accordingly.
• We are meticulously cleaning and sanitizing the club more than ever before. You will see us throughout the day sanitizing high contact locations (doors, handles, equipment, etc).
• You will see plenty of signage and communications reinforcing social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures. In addition to informing you of these requirements, the signage is also present to remind you of the important role you play.
• Pool Users – Changing rooms are open for people using the swimming pool only so please leave your valuables in the car if possible. Your visit is maxed at 1hour.
• Gym users – Come ready to work out, exercise and then go home to change and shower. Your visit is maxed at 1 hour.
• Fitness Class users – All classes will be 30 minutes, come ready to work out, attend the class and then go home to change and shower.
• Hygiene stations will be placed at entrances and throughout our club. Please use hand sanitizer frequently, upon entering, exiting, and throughout your time in the club.
• Proactively monitored by staff, we ask our customers to abide by occupancy/density restrictions. Signage will be placed accordingly reinforcing social distancing requirements (2m distance) and noting specific occupancy limits in spaces.
• We strongly encourage payment by debit card/credit card.
• Wearing of face masks is encouraged but not compulsory.
• Customers showing cold/flu-like symptoms (cough, fever and/or respiratory symptoms) are not permitted in the facility until these symptoms have cleared for a number of days.
• Water fountains will be temporarily unavailable. Please bring a filled water bottle from home or purchase bottled water from our vending machine.
• Changing room access, lockers and showers will be strictly only for pool users during the initial reopening, with a plan of future phased access in accordance with government guidelines this again is to put your safety first.
• During your workout in the gym area, it is important that you stay at the one workout station / machine, until the next desired station / machine is free.
• All visitor’s attendance will be recorded including the time of entry and phone number for contact tracing purposes. Visitors include visit pass holders, members and staff.
• The sauna, steam room and jacuzzi will remain closed due to government guidelines.
• Hairdryers and tog dryers will not be in use.
• We encourage all staff and customers to download the COVIDSafe app. All staff have completed COVID-19 infection control training.
• There will be an allocated 1 hour slot every afternoon for staff to carry out a deep clean.
• For the first few weeks of re-opening visit passes cannot be used, all passes have been extended out to May 2021.
We would also like to remind members that all Direct Debit payments had been frozen and no money for memberships came out of your account since March. These will start back up again from August 04th, if you wish for your payments to remain on hold we would advise you to contact Barbara.
For all non Direct Debit members your memberships have been frozen since March. When we return to business as normal your memberships will be unfrozen and all time will be automatically added onto the end of your membership.
However, we understand the continued need for membership flexibility to enable you to resume your membership once you are comfortable to do so, if you wish to leave your membership on hold please send us an email and we can update your file.
We ask for your patience during this time to make sure that we have everything put in place to ensure the highest possible standards of health and safety. We look forward to welcoming you all back on July 20th. If you have any queries on memberships please contact our Sales & Accounts Manager Barbara at or by phone on 091 514 700.