Boost your mood Today!

Boost your mood Today!
boast your mood today

1. Eat omega-3s

There is abundant research showing that omega-3s are effective for maintaining mental health and reducing depression, the effect appears to be greatest from food sources such as fish (versus supplements), so put it on your dinner menu during the week.


2. Surround yourself with comforting smells

Find a scent that makes you feel calm and happy, Lavender has been shown to have calming effects, for example. Light a scented candle or brew some herbal tea with your favorite-smelling spice.


3. Leverage your support system

Plan outings with your friends and family, Emotional bonding over meals, hikes, shopping, museums and movies is a great way to enhance mood.

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4. Dance to the beat

Find something fun to do every day for a few minutes, like listening to music. Music with a strong beat can wake you up, lift your spirits, and motivate you to move even more.


5. Lift weights

Weight training builds your muscle mass and activates endorphins (your body’s natural pain killers), which helps to keep your moods steady.


6. Load up on antioxidants

There is good evidence that fruits high in antioxidants, such as blueberries, improve cognitive function as well as mood. Look for ways to add the mood-boosting berries to your diet, such as in cereals, salads and oatmeal.


7. Spice it up with turmeric

Turmeric seems to help reduce anxiety and improve mood. For best results, buy turmeric, combine with (heart-healthy) oil in the skillet and sauté with vegetables or meat.


8. Spend time with furry friends

There’s a reason that dogs and cats are used in therapy: petting them can produce a calming effect that can actually bring down people’s stress levels. If you don’t have a pet, dog-sit for a friend, head to the dog park or hang out at the pet store.


9. Act like a kid

Playing with your kids on the playground, instead of just watching them play, is not only great exercise, it can also make you feel like a kid again. The freedom and silliness is bound to put you in a better mood.


10. Laugh more

Hearty laughter has been found to rival the benefits of aerobic activity by producing feel-good hormones like serotonin and endorphins. Just the mere act of smiling can boost mood – and staying – your happiest.


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