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Opening Hours Christmas 2014

Wednesday 24th 8am – 4pm

Thursday 25th – closed

Friday 26th 12pm – 6pm

Saturday 27th 8am – 9pm

Sunday 28th 8am – 9pm

Monday 29th 8am – 9pm

Tuesday 30th 8am – 9pm

Wednesday 31st 8am – 6pm

Thursday 01st 10am – 7pm

Friday 02nd 7am – 10pm

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New Year New You

new year new you





2013 has arrived and we aim to strive forward in Health and Fitness at the Ardilaun Leisure Club.

We have some new, popular and refreshed classes on our January 2013 schedule.

Variety is the spice of life and we try to incorporate this diversity into our classes and training methods at the Ardilaun Leisure Club.

Some New Classes to try for 2013:

* Spinning provides a great cardio endurance workout on a stationary bike where you can cycle the flat, to climbing hills, to sprint finishes.
* Kettlebells train multiple areas of the body like cardio, strength, balance and stability.
* Triathlon/Run club are fast growing areas of our lifestyle and this class aims to build good foundation for training and advice provided by our instructors for the chosen activity.

The highly qualified Swim instructors, Gym instructors, Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches are available at all times to deal with any fitness and health queries and carry out programmes to cater for your needs.

Take the initial first step this year and book in for your fitness consultation or take part in one of our classes which has approx 55+ on for January 2013. Once you start at the Ardilaun you won’t turn your back on the Ardilaun.

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